Traction Top


Our TRACTION TOP “structural spray wearing course” is designed to rejuvenate our ACTION TRACK 100, 200 and 300 track surfaces. Industry standards have proven that base mat/structural spray type polyurethane surfaces have an average service life of 6-8 years before repair and resurfacing should be considered. A quality repair and resurfacing with TRACTION TOP will preserve valuable performance characteristics and extend the life of your facility.

Environmentally friendly TRACTION TOP water based structural spray is now a popular option.

System Characteristics:

Resilient: Retains resiliency over wide range of temperatures

Fast and Safe: Greater energy return for speed – consistent shock absorption qualities for safe, injury free training

Durable: Water drains through surface eliminating slick spots. The system “breathes” to allow moisture to escape. Tailored and textured to provide friction in all conditions. Added protection against harmful effects of ultra violet light

Colored: Black and Red standard – Blue, Green and other special colors upcharge

Eco Friendly: Traction Top “water based” structural spray is optional at additional cost

Renewable: Extends the average service life of a facility multiple times

Technical Specifications

1. Purpose:
The intent of this specification is to provide a guideline for the improvement of a previously prepared sound polyurethane running track.  Traction Top is a structural spray wearing course (spray layer system) consisting of Polyurethane Bound EPDM Rubber Particles and Liquid Polyurethane Structural Spray, which is specifically designed to rejuvenate existing Action Track 100, 200 and 300 track surfaces.

2. Scope:
The work covered by this specification consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, materials and performance of all operations in connection with the installation of surface on track and field events. This includes all operations in connection with the necessary base mat repairs and the installation of the structural spray layers to the surface of the track proper and field events.

3. Materials:

  • Polyurethane Primer
  • SBR and/or EPDM Rubber Granulate, 1 to 3mm blended with Clear Polyurethane Binder for base mat repair purposes
  • Polyurethane Caulk
  • EPDM Pigmented Spray Layer Rubber Granulated, .5 to 1.5mm
  • Pigmented Polyurethane Spray layer binder
  • Polyurethane Line Marking Paint

4. Surface Preparation:

  • Remove all mildew, soil and any other surface debris (Power washing may be required)
  • Repair all splits, cracks and surface separations with liquid binder and rubber particles or compatible polyurethane caulk.
  • Removal and replace all damaged and/or delaminated areas of the existing resilient base mat.

5. Procedure:
Polyurethane Primer may be required in cases where extreme surface oxidation or contamination is present. Polyurethane Primer is applied at a minimum rate of .3 lbs per square yard.

The entire area will receive two structural spray layers consisting of 60% Pigmented Polyurethane Structural  Spray Binder and 40% EPDM Pigmented Rubber Spray Layer Granulate. Each spray layer shall be applied at a rate not less than 1.8 lbs per square yard, for a total spray layer coverage of not less than 3.6 lbs per square yard for the two spray layers. (Note: Action Track 300 will require a total of 3.0 lbs per square yard)

6. Minimum Physical Properties Of The Surface:

  • Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D501): 0.25 TO 0.425 grams loss after 1000 cycles
  • Chalking (ASTM D822): No charge after 1000 hours in weatherometer or 45 days exposure to elements
  • Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D1 894): Dry- 0.70 to 0.75 • Wet- 0.80 to 0.95
  • Resilience (ASTM D2632): 37 TO 44%
  • Tear Resistance (ASTM D624): 50 TO 75 PSI

7. Line Markings:
The measurements and markings of the lines and events shall be performed according to the recommendations of Copeland Coating Company, Inc. and/or in accordance with the appropriate governing body (ie. NFHSA, NCAA, IAAF). The line marking paints used shall be compatible with the polyurethane surface as recommended by Copeland Coating Company, Inc.

8.Colors Available:
Black and red standard. Blue, Green and other special colors, upcharge.

Photo Gallery

Imagine installing a product as friendly to install as an asphalt based beautifier with a lot of the same strengths as a coal tar based sealer.   Action-Pave LP Base Sealer
In this installment, Copeland provided USTA Eastern a step-by-step view of a recent court repair and resurfacing project at Katonah Memorial Park in Katonah, NY. Please check out the PDF of the full article!

LBMC has been a satisfied customer of Copeland Coating for
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Island Lake has employed Copeland Coating for over 25 years. We have found them to be professional and a quality provider of court surfacing. They are consistently on time and perform as expected. We wouldn’t look anywhere else for this service.

Matt Stoltz Island Lake Camp

We have worked with Copland Coating for well over twenty years. There work is outstanding and they stand by the what they do. John and Steve have always been responsive to our needs. Copland is a 1st rate organization.

Dave Tager Indian Head Camp

Our company has been doing business with Copeland Coatings for over twenty-five years. They complete all of our projects on time and on budget. We have never had a quality control problem with their work. They are professionals in their field. I give Copeland Coatings my highest recommendation.

Tom Vandish Bast Hatfield

Over the past 15 years, RDA Landscape Architects
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Bob Retnauer RLA

We’ve been working with Copeland Coating for the past 20 years and never once have they disappointed us. The window of time with which they have to work with seems to shrink each year based on colder and wetter winters, yet each year they somehow figure out how to complete their work on time, and to perfection. The staff at Copeland are great to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for top quality workmanship.

Andy Siegel Tyler Hill Camp

Copeland coating goes the extra coating when it comes to great customer service. For 12 years it’s been a straight set victory for our member tennis courts!


Track & Field has always been a major part of my life.  I was an athlete from a young age growing up in New York and now a Master official and high school track & field coach.  Never did I imagine that I would have the ability and opportunity to build a track & field facility.

Every detail was planned carefully.  It was very important to me to choose the correct workers and companies that would make my dream a reality.  Most of the workers were local with many being Bethel track & field alumni and families.  When it came to choosing a track surfacing company, the choices were many, but one significantly stood out from the rest….Action Track Surfacing.

My first meeting with Steve Hinding & Doug Stone left me with an impression of honesty and commitment, as well as superior knowledge and expertise.   They listened carefully to my desires and needs. They offered suggestions and a well organized plan to accomplish my goal.  They were as concerned with completing a high quality track facility as I was.  Every question was met with a timely answer.  There were no hidden costs.  The project was completed in the contracted budget with no surprises.  Their crews worked perfectly with in the time table.  They were clean, hard working and professional…even to the point of cutting a slot drain on their hands and knees to meet the desired design!  Steve has been back several times to check the quality of his work.  Action Track has made sure that I am completely satisfied with the project.  

 Each day I arrive at the facility it takes my breath away.  The beautiful 8 lane track, javelin runway, and sealed walkways, all completed by Action Track Surfacing, have given my team and the town of Bethel a first class track & field facility!  I would highly recommend their services for all track & field surfacing needs.

Bethel Track

The Copeland Coating Company has been successfully maintaining all of the sport surfaces at the Rocking Horse Ranch Resort for over 20 years (which is a testimony unto itself).

At each winter’s end, we contemplate the complete overhaul of our 40 year old exterior tennis courts , the crew at Copeland manages the near impossible in extending the life of these courts for yet another full season with their time tested re-coating process.

We maintain a high profile family resort that earns the prestigious 3 Diamond Travel Award every year. It is critical that wherever our guests are on our 500 acre facility, they experience an extremely well maintained, family friendly resort property.

Thank you Copeland Coating for being part of our facility management team.

Rocking Horse Ranch

We are thrilled with the work that Copeland Coating has done for us over the past several years. Their customer service is great and they deliver as promised. They have a solution to every challenge, whether it’s a new project or a minor repair.

Josh Corpuel Camp Wayne