Action-Track Vented Latex


Our Action-Track® Running Tracks have beneficial characteristics:

Resilient: Our tracks retain their resiliency, regardless of the temperature.

Fast: Our tracks deliver greater energy return to the runner. They provide ultra-quick spike release, a key feature in achieving maximum athletic performance.

Safe: Water drains off through the surface, eliminating slick spots. The surface is textured and tailored to provide a high friction in both wet and dry conditions.

Durable: Our track system “breathes” to release moisture that could build-up beneath the surface – improving surface longevity.

Technical Specifications

Action-Track Vented Latex Track Surface

1. Description
Action-Track Vented Latex is the combination of uniformly gradiated rubber granulates and buffing which are thoroughly saturated with Action-Track Latex carboxylated styrene butadine binders. The gradation of rubber granules will be between 2mm and 6mm, containing less than 4% dust retained on a number 30 sieve. Binders will contain a minimum of 50% resin solids. The system will-be applied to the prepared base in multiple layers as approved by the contractor.

2. Product Use
 Action-Track Vented Latex is a resilient surface which may be installed over a pervious or impervious base. It may also be applied directly to an existing rubberized asphalt surface, however, surface planarity and soundness of the existing surface should be investigated to determine its suitability and integrity. Removal of the rubberized asphalt surface may be required.

3. Surface Preparation

A. New or existing asphalt should be approved by the owner and should conform to all specified contours and elevations in accordance with all drawings and specifications
B. Prior to the application of the the Action-Track Vented Latex surface, the asphalt leveling course should be examined by the owner. Drainage and Planarity are to be approved by all. New asphalt surfaces should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 14 days.
C. Should examination of the surface course find nonconformance with specified contours or elevations, such areas should be corrected prior to the installation of the Action-Track Vented Latex surface. Low areas should they exist, should be leveled prior to installation. All areas in need of repair should be allowed to cure prior to any further installation of the Action-Track Vented Latex surface. Cure time may vary dependent on the method of repair selected.
D. The entire surface will be cleaned of all dirt and debris prior to the application of any material(s). The surface will be free and clear of any and all grease, oils and other foreign materials.

4. Action-Track Vented Latex Installation

A. After the asphalt base has cured for a minimum of 14 days, or as required by Manufacturer, a prime coat consisting of Action-Track Vented Latex Binder (mixed 1 part water to 1 part Action-Track Vented Latex Binder) shall be applied at a rate of .05 gallons per sq. yd.

NOTE: Asphalt emulsions may not be used as prime coat (or in any other part of the system) due to thermal sensitivity.

B. A layer of 3mm to 6 mm S.B.R. rubber granules will be spread evenly by means of a mechanical spreader, or manually, at a rate of approximately 2 lbs. per square yard. This layer will be saturated with Action-Track Vented Latex Binder at a rate of approximately .1 gallons per square yard using mixing and spray equipment as approved by the manufacturer. Allow to cure for a minimum of 24 hours under dry weather conditions.
C. A second layer of Action-Track Vented Latex Binder 3mm to 6 mm S.B.R. rubber granules will then be spread in the same manner at a a rate of approximately 2.50 lbs. per square yard and shall be saturated with Action Track Binder at a rate of not less than .2 gallons per square yard. Action Track Binder shall be applied in a minimum of two (2) applications to insure proper cure. Allow to cure for a minimum of 24 hours under dry weather conditions

NOTE: All binder application rates are in undiluted form. All Action-Track Vented Latex Binders shall contain at least 50% resin solid. During application, the Action-Track Vented Latex Binders shall be mixed at no greater than a one to one ratio to aid migration throw h the surface.

D. The third course of Action-Track Vented Latex 2mm to 5mm S.B.R. rubber granules shall be applied in the same manner at a rate of approximately 3 pounds per sq. yd. and saturated with Action-Track Vented Latex Binder at a rate of approximately .2 gallons per sq. yd. Action-Track Vented Latex Binder shall be applied in a minimum of two (2) applications to insure proper cure. Allow to cure for a minimum of 24 hours under dry weather conditions.
E. A final texturing layer consisting of Action Track Latex Binder S.B.R. 1mm to 3mm rubber granules shall be spread at a rate of approximately 2 pounds per sq. yd. and saturated with Action-Track Vented Latex Binder at a rate of .2 gallons per sq. yd. Before spraying, the Action-Track Vented Latex Binder shall be mixed Action-Track Vented Latex Binder dispersed pigment at a rate of not less than 2 gallons per drum. A final spray coat of pigmented Action-Track Vented Latex Binder shall be applied at a rate of .05 gallons per sq. yd. to insure uniformity.

5. Physical Properties of the Finished Surface:

  • Thickness: 3/8 inch – 1 /2 inch
  • Color(s): Black. (Colored Sandwich Systems Available in red,
    blue & green). Additional colors available upon request
  • Cure Time (each layer): Approximately 24 hours in warm dry
    ambient temperatures. NOTE: Installation is not recommended after October 1 in
    northern latitudes.

6. Line Marking
The measurement and marking of the lines and events will be performed according to the recommendations of Copeland Coating Company and/or in accordance with the drawings and specifications of the architect or engineer and/or in accordance with N.F.H.S.A., I.A.A.F. regulations. Acrylic Line Paint to be used.

Photo Gallery

Imagine installing a product as friendly to install as an asphalt based beautifier with a lot of the same strengths as a coal tar based sealer.   Action-Pave LP Base Sealer
In this installment, Copeland provided USTA Eastern a step-by-step view of a recent court repair and resurfacing project at Katonah Memorial Park in Katonah, NY. Please check out the PDF of the full article!

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