Children’s Safety Surfaces


Copeland Coating Company, Inc. has developed new and innovative solutions for the emerging playground surfacing market.

All material and installation methods are in strict accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and The American Standard Testing Material (ASTM) requirements.

Copeland Coating Company, Inc. has been in the sports surfacing industry since 1945. We have been installing poured in place polyurethane surfaces since 1981 and have hundreds of installations throughout the Northeastern United States.

Years of experience in the poured in place polyurethane business has enabled us to develop Action-Play™ playground safety surfacing; a unique poured in place system with no seams and consistent shock absorbency

Thickness can vary from 1.5″ to 5.0″ and be applied in one or two lifts (to meet equipment fall heights of up to 12′) and be customized to your specific color choices

Action-Play™ delivers unlimited design potential, safety and durability to any play environment.

  • Available for every base: Asphalt, Concrete, Sand & Stone
  • Personal preference allows for endless color combinations
  • Tailored for specific equipment heights
  • Entirely porous play surface for optimal drainage and safety
  • Virtually maintenance free and vandal resistant
  • A system for every budget

Action-Play™ playground safety surfacing provides dependable, permanent protection for all play areas. This unique poured in place system will cushion falls for years to come. Unlike sand, gravel or wood chips, Action-Play™ won’t blow away, turn into projectiles, or become matted at slide exits, under swing, ropes & ladders.

When Children’s Safety Comes First . . . Action-Play™ is the Right Choice!

Technical Specifications

1. Purpose:
The intent of this specification is to provide a guideline tbf the installation of a poured in place polyurethane playground safety surfacing system.

2. Scope:
The work covered by this specification consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, materials and performance of all operations in connection with the instdllation of ACTlON-PLAY to the specified surface areas.

3. Materials:

  • ACTION-PLAY 100% polyurethane binder base mat binding agent.
  • ACTION-PLAY shredded rubber for base (Cushion shock pad) (black).
  • ACTION-PLAY polyurethane pigmented (top course) rubber granulate 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm or 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm. (Black or colored)
  • ACTION-PLAY Polyurethane line marking paint.

4. Surface Preparation:
After sub-base installation of asphalt, concrete, stone or sand has been properly compacted, (asphalt cured I5 days and concrete cured 25 days) and all sub-base surfaces brought to proper contour and elevation in strict accordance with drawings and/or specifications, surface is ready for ACTION-PLAY poured in place system.

5. Planary and Slope:
Before application of the base (cushion shock pad), the asphalt, concrete, stone or sand sub-base shall be tested for planarity using a 10′ straight edge. All leveling work should be performed so that the finished surface slope is a minimum of I % to allow for proper drainage. If indoors, surface can be flat.

6. Procedure / Installation ACTION-PLAY surface

(A). Base (cushion shock pad): Mix the black buffings with polyurethane binder in a non-porous container at the prescribed rubber to binder ratios, which will assure complete binder coverage of each rubber particle. Screed and trowel mixture on sub-base to a uniform thickness, compacting material to assure adhesion and proper bonding. After prescribed thickness is achieved, allow base (cushion shock pad) to cure. Depending on humidity (1 2-24 hours).

(B). Top (wearing course layer): Mix the colored (per specifications) EDPM 1 mm to 3mm or 1mm to 4 rubber particles with the liquid binder in a non -porous container at the prescribed rubber to binder ratio which will assure complete binder coverage of each rubber particle. Screed and trowel mixture on base (cushion shock pad) to a uniform thickness compacting material to assure adhesion and proper bonding. After prescribed thickness is achieved and proper planarity has been assured, allow top (wearing course layer) to cure ( I 2-24 hours).

(C). Erect barricades / fencing as required to prevent pedestrian traffic on finished surface for a period of 12-24 hours.

7. Striping / Play Markings:

  • Utilizing ACTION-PLAY polyurethane paints. apply all play markings per specifications, allowing paint 4-8 hours to cure.

8. Minimum Physical Properties at Surface:

  • ASTM F 1292-95 and F-355-95, Proceedure C.

9. ACTION-PLAY Specifications

  • Polyurethane Binder to Rubber Ratio for Base (Cushlon Shock Pad) … 14- 16%
  • Polyurethane Binder to Rubber Ratio for Top (Wearing course layer)…20 – 22%
  • Base (cushion shock pad) thickness (Pad thickness to be determined by playground…1.5″ – 5″.
  • Top (Wearing course layer) thickness…(EDPM colored granules)…3/8″ – ½”.
  • Polyurethane Binder – MDI (No TDI) … 100% solids

Photo Gallery

Imagine installing a product as friendly to install as an asphalt based beautifier with a lot of the same strengths as a coal tar based sealer.   Action-Pave LP Base Sealer
In this installment, Copeland provided USTA Eastern a step-by-step view of a recent court repair and resurfacing project at Katonah Memorial Park in Katonah, NY. Please check out the PDF of the full article!

I have had the privilege of working closely with Copeland Coating Company over the years in the development of our tennis facilities at Saratoga Springs High School and Middle School.

I have always found them to be easy to work with during and after the completion of their work. They were always available to advise when needed. They are the best at what they do and I highly recommend them!

Rich Johns Tennis

Our company has been doing business with Copeland Coatings for over twenty-five years. They complete all of our projects on time and on budget. We have never had a quality control problem with their work. They are professionals in their field. I give Copeland Coatings my highest recommendation.

Tom Vandish Bast Hatfield

Copeland Coating has been resurfacing tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts at Camp Scatico for more than 25 summers. They’ve completed every project on time and on budget. What more can you ask for?

Scatico Camp

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Copland Coating. During the past fifteen years, we have worked with Copland on numerous projects. These projects included resurfacing our twelve tennis courts as well.

Copland offers top-notch quality, service and rates. They have demonstrated their attention to detail and skill. When it comes to applying recreational surfaces, I cannot think of a better company to work with. I would highly recommend Copland for the job and look forward to working with them in the future.

Larry Siegel French Woods

Copeland coating goes the extra coating when it comes to great customer service. For 12 years it’s been a straight set victory for our member tennis courts!


Copeland Coating Company has been Schodack Schools preferred pavement coating Systems Company for over 20 years. Copeland has continued to support the school in proper care of the coating, repair and budgeting. Copeland provides durable long lasting coatings professionally installed and supported for the life of the project.

Schodack Schools

Over the past 20 years our camps have worked with Copeland Coating to meet our surfacing needs. Steve and the team at Copeland have consistently exceeded expectation in helping to recondition our sport courts and to build new facilities including our hockey rink and tennis courts. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with Copeland in the future.

Marc Honigfeld Trail's End Camp

Whenever there is any court resurfacing, repair or painting the only company I have ever used is Copeland Coating. I have found them to reliable, professional and reasonable with regards to pricing.

Fred & Ross Moskowitz Camp Westmont

Island Lake has employed Copeland Coating for over 25 years. We have found them to be professional and a quality provider of court surfacing. They are consistently on time and perform as expected. We wouldn’t look anywhere else for this service.

Matt Stoltz Island Lake Camp

We have worked with Copland Coating for well over twenty years. There work is outstanding and they stand by the what they do. John and Steve have always been responsive to our needs. Copland is a 1st rate organization.

Dave Tager Indian Head Camp